Movie Log 🍿 - Street Kings, 2008 - ★★★

What are 3 emoji I’d use to represent the movie?
- 👮‍♂️💿💵

What’s something that stuck out to me while watching?
- I’ve seen this 3 times now. The most recent viewing was in 2019. And somehow, I remembered next to nothing about it before today. It’s good! I hope it sticks with me longer after this viewing. The music is great. I like seeing some David Ayer favorite faces in here like Cle Sloan, Common, and Terry Crews. Plus, a pre Captain America Chris Evans in a big role! I was surprised to learn that David Ayer didn’t write the screenplay; only directed it. 

Why did I decide to press play on this movie?
- I’m going through David Ayer films and wanted to give this a rewatch. 

What are some other similar movies?
- Triple 9, Den of Thieves, Training Day

Gannon Nordberg @gannonnordberg