Movie Log 🍿 - Nope, 2022 - ★★★★

There’s a lot to unpack in this film.

It’s a really interesting genre — a sci-if western akin to something like CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, COWBOYS AND ALIENS, and SIGNS.

As the story progressed, I can firmly say, I had literally no idea where the story was going to go or how it would end. That’s some kudos to writer/director Jordan Peele.

It’s one of those movies where I felt myself physically move around in my chair to give myself a better experience. I kept leaning in when I wanted to hear something better or squint my eyes or crane my neck when I wanted to see something better. I can’t remember the last time a movie brought me into the experience like this. Incredibly immersive!

Gannon Nordberg @gannonnordberg