My Todoist Year in Review 2020

I’ve been using Todoist as my task manager for personal and work tasks for over 4 years. Every year, they compile and share some stats with each user on completed tasks.

I completed 2743 tasks in 2020. That’s an average of…

7 tasks per day.

51 tasks per week.

228 tasks per month.

My most productive month was August, where I completed 265 tasks.

I completed the most tasks on Saturday for an average of 10 completed tasks.

To my surprise, apparently my productivity peaked at 6am.

My most productive day of the year was May 20, where I completed 23 tasks.

I postponed tasks the most on Tuesdays and at 5pm.

Overall, I finished the year in the top 2% of all a Todoist users for 2020.

I think it’s interesting data to view and get a sense of trends and patterns of when I am productive.

Gannon Nordberg @gannonnordberg