iPhone 11 Pro Impressions

I just got the new iPhone 11 Pro and spent the weekend with it. I decided to write up a few thoughts and impressions.

First of all, check out what’s new with iOS 13.

Night mode is legit 👏

IMG_7618 Night mode OFF[/caption]

IMG_7617 Night mode ON[/caption]

It’s gonna take me a while to get used to all the new camera controls — they are pretty different and extensive!

Selfie portrait on iPhone 11 Pro. Shout-out to ATP.FM 👋


I already miss 3D Touch 😭. Thankfully, there’s still sort of a way to do some similar things with regard to text selection on iOS. Check out How to Use the New Text Tools in iOS and iPadOS 13 on Daring Fireball.

I did a “slofie” test that I’m not particularly proud of but seemed like the only natural way to test it out 😆. This may be the very first and last time I ever use this feature.

Silly slowfie

The clear Apple case is pretty slippery. It looks a lot like the $9 case on my wife’s iPhone 😑. I’m returning the clear case and just ordered a Clementine Apple Silicone case instead.

I’m sure the novelty will wear off, but taking three photos from the same distance with the iPhone 11 Pro is pretty fun.

IMG_7646 2x zoom

IMG_7647 1x zoom

IMG_7648 .5x (ultra-wide zoom)

Another set of three photos with the different lenses:

IMG_7671 2x zoom

IMG_7672 1x zoom


All taken from the same distance. That’s some range!

Also, I’m digging the Noir filter in the Camera app…no idea if it’s new with this phone or even iOS 13 but yeah…here are some favorites from today:


Overall, this is a great upgrade from my previous iPhone X. The battery life is great but the camera’s are the winning feature in my opinion.

Gannon Nordberg @gannonnordberg