I Bought a Sonos

I bought a Sonos PLAY:1 speaker last week and it’s been fantastic. It produces really great sound in our family room and the kids love to have a good ol’ dance party. Despite being mildly interested in the Apple HomePod, ultimately, it’s not something that will reasonably fit in with our music needs. I’m an Apple Music subscriber but my wife uses Spotify. The HomePod won’t integrate with Spotify (aside from using AirPlay to send the audio, which isn’t ideal and causes some delay). I wanted something that would natively play both music services.

Once I got the PLAY:1 set up, I added my Apple Music and wife’s Spotify account to it and it plays them both flawlessly from both our iPhones. The Now Playing app on the Apple Watch is handy for Skip/Play/Pause too. And since it’s a wireless speaker and not Bluetooth, there’s no janky pairing/unpairing every time either of us wants to use it.

Gannon Nordberg @gannonnordberg