I’m Going on a Caffeine Detox

I know what you’re thinking… is he nuts?!😱

I could be 😋. But I have a good reason and this could be an interesting experiment on myself.

This is a good read that is going to support my efforts.…

5-Step Coffee Detox Plan to Give Your Adrenals a Break

First, some background on my caffeine story…

I’ve been a single-cup coffee drinker for a while. I enjoy a 12oz brewed cup of coffee in my AeroPress everyday mid-morning between 10 and 11am. It aligns nicely with my Comm Check block of time at work where I do email, chat with my team, return phone calls, and generally check in with my various communications.

Having my caffeine during that block of time gives me a nice boost to power through those items that are necessary but not always exciting but it also gives me an excuse to get up, move around, grab a snack, and step away from my iMac screen for a bit.

Until lately, this routine has supported me well. But in the last few weeks, I’ve felt mildly nauseous, had some upset stomach symptoms, and felt a bit jittery about an hour after my morning coffee break. Those feelings can sometimes stick with me for a few hours before eventually dissipating later in the day.

I’m not positive but I think my body is handling the caffeine differently now for some reason.

Since I know caffeine can treat everyone differently and how it can be addicting, I’ve decided I’m going to detox from caffeinated coffee over the course of the next 6 days and see if it helps improve how I’m feeling.

I may end up just drinking decaf coffee but I’m also very curious to try chicory as my coffee substitute.

Cheers! ☕️


Gannon Nordberg @gannonnordberg