My Movie Log Year in Review 2020

I reviewed my movie log stats for 2020 on Letterboxd.

I logged 132 movies. That’s 266.9 hours for an average of 11 movies watched per month.

62.1% were rewatches of something I’ve already seen.

Of the 132 movies I watched, I rated 75 of them at 4-stars or higher.

The movie stars I watched the most movies from were Denzel Washington and Ian McKellen (The Middle-Earth saga) at 7 each.

On par with the movie stars above, the directors I watched the most movie from were Tony Scott and Peter Jackson at 6 movies each.

As always, I LOVE watching movies and I’m excited to kick back and continue watching through 2021.

My complete 2020 stats.


Gannon Nordberg @gannonnordberg