Customizing the Stripes Apple Watch Face

One of the many wonderful features of the Apple Watch is the ability for users to customize some aspects of the watch face. I did some experimenting with the Stripes face new in watchOS 7 and I really like how mine turned out.

Follow the steps below if you want to create your own. Or you can download mine. (Must be on iOS)

Long press on the watch face and choose the Stripes face or swipe all the way to the left and choose Add New to create one.

Select the Edit option to customize the Stripes watch face.

For Style, choose Fullscreen.

Swipe to the left and choose your desired number of stripes. I chose 6 stripes for mine.

Swipe to the left again and select the colors you want to use by tapping on each one. For my colorful rainbow-style, I chose the following 6 colors: Bright Red, Orange, Light Yellow, Light Green, Sky Blue, and Violet.

Swipe left again and choose the degree position you want to use. I chose 315-degrees.

Swipe left again. With the fullscreen option, there are no complications available.

After you’re finished setting all the options, press the digital crown button to save your new Watch face.


Download my watch face ⌚️

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Gannon Nordberg @gannonnordberg