Notable iTunes Movies This Week

Temporary Price Cuts

  • Star Wars - $14.99 (all 9 films, even the bad ones)
  • Disney Pixar Coco - $14.99. This is a fantastic film. Just buy it.

Now Available in 4K HDR

  • Death Wish (2018) - $14.99. In general, I think Bruce Willis movies have gone down the tubes lately and this one looks pretty bad too. One of the only parts that interest me is the fact that Eli Roth is the director and Joe Carnahan is the screenwriter. I’m hopeful that the two of them can pull off an interesting remake.
  • Annihilation - $14.99. I’ve been very intrigued about this one. It’s writted and directed by Alex Garland, the guy behind the pehnomenal Ex Machina.

Discounted Franchise Bundles

Under $10: Ron Howard Movies

  • Ron Howard is far from one of my favorite directors but if you’re into his stuff, this is a nice collection.
Gannon Nordberg @gannonnordberg